College Degree and Disadvantages of Choosing your Parent’s Choice

In choosing a degree for college, some are confused whether or not they will follow their own interest or their parent’s choice. Some don’t want to argue with their parents regarding the course they are to take for college. Since in their mind, it is their parents who would pay their tuition fees and will give them allowance anyway so they just follow their parent’s decision. Even if there is a particular course or degree that they want, but they wouldn’t try to persuade their parents.

What could be the possible consequences or disadvantages of that decision? Let’s say for instance that your parents want you to take a nursing course. However, you actually don’t have any interest in the medical field but you do love arts and music. In addition, you are afraid of blood. Do you think you can survive with that course? For sure, you will soon persuade your parents that you can no longer want to continue that degree. You may want to travel and see amazing beautiful spots in the world. Let this agency help and guide you a lot 台胞證費用 ptt. If that happens, your graduation will be continually delayed.

Many students who follow the decision of their parents were not able to graduate in college. But there are also some who still survived even if their interest is not in that degree which their parents wanted them to take. I know some who graduated from college even if they were not the ones who chose that degree. And they just did their best to enjoy and love that degree. For those students, they must be very obedient to their parents. One of the best bridal in the world. Jasmine bridal fantasy is always be the top choice. See how great is their bridal dresses made in here.